Always On Time


Always on Time

Think back to the simplistic days of jumping rope in your childhood. For many of us it included jumping double-dutch. Double-dutch is played with three or more players, with two people on the ends turning two ropes simultaneously with the jumper or jumpers in the middle. The game can be started with the jumper inside the ropes prior to turning the ropes or the turners can start turning prior to the other person jumping in. The jumper has to get inside the rope at just the right moment. If the person jumps in too soon or too late the rhythm is thrown off and the game has to start again. Timing is everything.

The same is true in life. Sometimes if you try to force things, do something too soon or wait too long to react, you can mess up the rhythm and throw everything off. You may either miss your turn or you may have to start over. You’re actually lucky if the latter is an option. There are things that you may need to learn or go through prior to accomplishing a certain goal or task. These things are simply steps in your preparation process. You have to be mentally and physically prepared before your turn can come.

All things happen in the time they are destined to happen. The choices you make are the choices you are supposed to make; you need to learn the lesson for your life that the opportunity was bringing forth. So be patient. There is a time for everything. When all things line up like the stars, all things will work out at that right time. You will then know exactly when to jump in the double-dutch rope of life.

“I have waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.” -Psalm 40:1

K. Renee Hairston is a military wife, mother/stepmother of four children and an author who utilized her educational foundation in education and counseling, along with her personal experiences and combined that with her spiritual knowledge to create her first book, Wayward…Encouraging Words for a Jezebel Soul, which is scheduled for release in July 2014. To learn more, visit her website

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