The Master’s Bouquet

Please let these words give you comfort in your time of sorrow. We know that you miss your loved one and want to remind you that God loves him/her best. Be sad about your loss, but celebrate the life lived. With love ~

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The Master walked in His garden
Plucking flowers along the way;
He plucked one of my loved ones,
To add to his bouquet.

My heart at first was broken,
At the loss of one so dear;
But the tears I shed just washed my eyes,
So I saw His way more clear.

My Lord has a need for just this one,
For the pattern He has in mind;
But it’s hard for the rest of us to see
Why we must be left behind.

Perhaps we are not ready to go just yet
We may need to ripen more
To reach the full blown fragrance
My Lord is waiting for.

To each, give forth a fragrance
To each we chance to meet
We should each be trying day by day
To make our fragrance sweet.

So I’m going to try my very best
To be loving and kind each day,
So at last I’ll be counted worthy
To be part of my Master’s Bouquet.

Author Unknown

Author: Chief Editor

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