The POWER that Moves YOU is YOU!

The POWER that moves YOU is YOU!

This is your time, from now to eternity.

You have come out of the cocoon and you are already flying.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not.

You are the Chief Empowerment Officer of your life and you have the POWER to move mountains. It is your time to SHINE and you know it.

God has people waiting on you to get to each space, each place, on your journey, to empower you and to be empowered by you. It’s a WIN-WIN.
Do not be distracted.

God is in the process of elevating you beyond your imagination.
He is right there!

Keep on believing and moving in the direction of your dream.
It’s a dream come true, and all because you did not give up.

Because of the POWER inside of you.
Thank God!

You Are The CEO™ of your life.

~ Vanessa Israel

Vanessa Israel is a Minister, Mom, Author, Coach and Teacher. Her writing is focused on truth for today according to the scriptures. Through hardship, loss and being broken she realizes that the important things in life you cannot contain. She is the founder of the HerVision Workshop™ and Be the CEO Summer Vision Journey™. She believes what Ephesians 3:20 says: God is Able if you are willing to allow HIS POWER to WORK in you. You can learn more about Minister Israel and her work at The CEO of My Life.

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Melody Campbell.

Author: Chief Editor

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